Super Bowl Ads 2010

Did you blink during the Super Bowl commercial breaks? Too bad if you did, because it means you may have missed the anemic number of gadget or tech-related commercials worth talking about tomorrow at the water cooler. But! Megan Fox!

Megan Fox is an obvious choice, for obvious reasons (if she’s your thing): She had a Motoblur, and we’re a gadget blog! See? Obvious. Anyway, tweeting from a tub on her new phone, she pondered what would happen if she sent a picture of her bathing out to the world. Hijinks ensued, people were hurt, and even a gay couple somehow got distracted by the fox that is Megan Fox:

And such is the power of Fox that there were scenes that didn’t make the final cut.

Then there was Beyonce, fresh off her Grammy performance, performing again for Vizio. Surrounded by Internet memes and celebrities, Twitter and what appeared to be an army of automobile assembly line robots (hopefully not ones from Toyota), she sang and sold that company’s Via/Internet Apps technology. Think Internet on your HDTV, not because I say so or because that’s exactly what it is, but because that’s the message Vizio assaulted viewers with during the 60-second clip:

Tough love was the story for Intel’s Jeffrey the Robot. The commercial was supposedly for Intel’s Core processor line, but I know the truth: Robot uprising. It 20 years’ time we can all look back at this commercial, when poor Jeffrey was snubbed For The Last Time by his human overlords:

Lastly, there’s one we actually covered yesterday. Google. Its poignant ad about a search-happy boy in love with a French girl aired yesterday, on the Internet, which is probably fitting. We’ll revisit it again here if you missed it tonight:


Personally, for me the ads were a bit stale this year. Even the Bud Light beer ads, which have made me laugh out loud on occasion in years past, felt a little tired. Betty White was a standout though, and there were back-to-back ads depicting grown men in their underwear. Possibly a first there. Also a first: Seeing a two-timing baby talk about eTrade while his “milk-a-holic” girl on the side blew up his shit over a webcam.

The one Bud Light ad I will give props to, however, was their Autotune bit. It’s a stretch including here on Gizmodo, but we have a history with that app (iPhone, anyone?), and we’ll take an opportunity here to thank Budweiser for hopefully killing the tech off for good with this Super Bowl ad:

OK, I admit it, I smiled a bit watching that a second time. Guilty.

The entire crop is over at YouTube in one convenient package (Fox’s is notably absent at the moment, although they appear to be updating throughout the night).


Someone taught Kim how to use a Blackberry

Context is the killer application for mobile

We live in a world of diverse mobile devices. Laptops, smartphones and everything in between define the mobile experience of the 21st century. But what is the killer application for mobile computing? We all know the theory of killer apps — they’re the reason and the purpose people invest in new devices. The killer app in the early days of PCs was the VisiCalc spreadsheet. PageMaker and the creation of desktop publishing were the killer apps for the GUI-based PC, most notably the Macintosh. But for mobile, it’s not as clear; some people think the killer app for mobile is email, while other say it’s the mobile web. Personally, I don’t think there’s one specific killer application — I think the killer app for mobile is simply context.

Historically, we’ve tailored the devices we use to the places where we are. We distinguished between business users and consumer users because the functionally required was often tied to the location the user was sitting. Mobility was often dead space. People found ways to distract themselves during travel time, and were generally disconnected when out and about. Today, the mobile space is connected, and that

makes it quite unique: it’s neither home or work, work nor play. Your context shifts rapidly depending on what you’re doing, where you are, and what devices or devices you may be carrying — in our age of digital ubiquity, you can access the relevant information, either personal or professional, wherever you are, on whatever screen you choose. Delivering the contextual information users need, when they need it, is what’s critical — not any particular application or service.

Context contradicts conventional wisdom. For one thing, feeds and speeds are no longer the defining metrics for value. The fastest and most powerful laptop won’t do much for a user on the road if it weighs 10 pounds and gets barely an hour of battery life — or can’t open in a coach seat on a plane. By contrast, the ability to check email, browse the web or listen to music doesn’t matter if your phone won’t make a call when you need it to. Smart vendors will learn technology applied to context for users is what matters — especially since I think there’s an upper limit on the number of devices most people will carry with them at any given time. As I’ve said in the past, for most of us that’s two, with a maximum of three.

It’s time to be liberated and connected. The dream is real — now it’s time to see more devices execute and deliver the vision.

Entelligence is a column by technology strategist and author Michael Gartenberg, a man whose desire for a delicious cup of coffee and a quality New York bagel is dwarfed only by his passion for tech. In these articles, he’ll explore where our industry is and where it’s going — on both micro and macro levels — with the unique wit and insight only he can provide.

By Michael Gartenberg
[Image via Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings]


Jay-Z Concert @ Madison Square Garden

Jay-Z: The BP3 Tour with Young Jeezy

Jay-Z: The BP3 Tour with Young Jeezy

Tuesday, Mar 2 8:00p
at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Rapper Jay-Z is taking over Madison Square Garden Tuesday, March 2nd. Tickets are available Friday, January 15th.

Price: $39.50 – $139.50

Rapper Jay-Z is taking over Madison Square Garden Tuesday, March 2nd. Tickets are available Friday, January 15th.


Tiger Woods LEAVING Rehab?


Tiger Woods is leaving sex rehab, according to The golfer allegedly attended a sex addiction clinic in Mississippi, although pictures placing him at the facility appear to have been phony. There has still been no confirmation that Woods ever attended the clinic.

 The RadarOnline article follows an item from an Australian newspaper claiming Woods will make a surprise return to golf in two weeks. While the accuracy of the article is far from established, one London bookmaker recently cut the odds of Tiger returning by the Masters because all of the money was coming in on one side.

 If reports of Woods attending the clinic are true, he will have to tell his wife about all of his affairs, which could include porn stars Holly Sampson and Joslyn James (NSFW). It’s not clear whether he would have to reveal his sex fantasies, which a Playboy model (PHOTOS) says are ‘not normal‘ — and reportedly included a sex romp involving an alleged mistress (PHOTOS), Derek Jeter and Bones star David Boreanaz. And of course, there are many other women.

 Woods’ wife, Elin Nordegren (PHOTOS), allegedly visited Tiger at sex rehab. Another article claimed she stayed with Brett Favre (who is an expert in the art of ass-slapping) while in Mississippi.

 Women linked to Tiger Woods

 Emma Rotherham allegedly had early-morning sex on Woods’ office couch. Tiger reportedly loved to see her in black stockings and suspenders.

 Jaimee Grubbs (PHOTOS) saved a voicemail from her lover, as well as steamy text messages. Jaimee stripped down for two magazines (sexy PHOTOS).

 Jamie Jungers (PHOTOS) says she and Tiger had “wild” and “crazy” sex against a wall. She also claims to have slept with Woods the night his father died. Jungers, who allegedly once worked as a stripper, parlayed her newfound fame into jobs pitching vodka and an auction web site. She also appeared on the Today show and Dateline.

 Julie Postle (PHOTOS) allegedly met Woods when she worked as a cocktail waitress in Orlando. Tiger was reportedly “obsessed” with Postle and “really hunted” her. She was also photographed in a bikini.

 Susie Ogren says she took ecstasy with Tiger and he hoped “to get me into bed.”

 Loredana Jolie, a Playboy model, was allegedly “one of [Tiger’s] favorites.” She is planning a book that will spill the beans on Woods’ alleged sexual encounters with men.

 Theresa Rogers has been described as a “cougar” who allegedly boasted that she taught Tiger “everything he needed to know to be a great lover.” She reportedly conceived a baby while she was seeing Woods, but an article suggests she believes the father is a Serbian basketball player she was also seeing at the time. According to another article, Woods told Rogers that he only married Elin Nordegren to boost his image. The 40-something Rogers may have negotiated a payoff in exchange for her silence.

 Joslyn James is a porn star (PHOTOS, VIDEO) who has starred in films such as Porn Star Brides and MIA – Milfs In Action. She is also wanted in Washington state.

 Holly Sampson is a porn star (NSFW pictures, video) whose films include Descent Into Bondage and Diary of a Horny Housewife. She may have worked as an escort (NSFW) and appeared in a video in which she describes her “amazing” sex with Tiger Woods. In another article, she spoke about the “sensual, beautiful experience.”